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Experience seamless webpage capture with our innovative screen capture and screenshot tool. Our app excels in image conversion, turning web snapshots into editable canvases. It's not just an annotation app; it's a powerful markup tool that lets you enhance your web screenshots with precision. Whether you need to annotate specific elements, edit images, or add detailed markup, our app has you covered. Say goodbye to bland web screenshots and hello to dynamic, annotated webpages that stand out. Try our Webpage capture, Screen capture, Screenshot tool, Image conversion, Annotation app, Markup tool, Web screenshot, Screen annotation, Image editor, Webpage annotation, Screen markup, Screenshot annotation, Web markup, Page capture, and Image annotate features today!

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Webpage capture tool for iOS and Android
Web2Pics - Webpage Screenshot

Web2Pics screenshot apps allow you to capture full or partial screenshots of web pages, including long scrolling pages that may not fit on a single screen.

Web2Pics allows you to take full-length and selected-length screenshots of web pages when you are browsing. It can capture an entire webpage, including those invisible contents rather than only the current screen content. Users can add annotations on captured content with the help of annotation tools.

Add annotation on the captured screenshot: Web2Pics webpage snapshot feature provides a variety of tools and options for capturing and editing web screenshots, such as the ability to add annotations, crop the image, and adjust the image quality.

Why Choose Web2Pics?

Web2pics Web capture app is a user-friendly and versatile tool for capturing web page screenshots. It offers a range of capture options, allowing you to capture full-page screenshots or specific sections with ease. With its high-quality output and customization features, you can create visually appealing screenshots for various purposes. The app also includes batch capture functionality, enabling you to capture multiple web pages efficiently. Available across different platforms, web2pics is a reliable and convenient solution for capturing and annotating web content.

Capture visible area screenshots on iOS and Android

How to use the Web2Pics?

In the web2pics instructional video, viewers will be guided through the app's features and functionalities. The video will begin with an introduction, explaining that web2pics is a user-friendly tool for capturing web page screenshots. It will then provide an overview of the app's user interface, highlighting key sections and buttons. The video will demonstrate the various capture options available, such as capturing full-page screenshots, custom areas, or specific visible portions.


Web2pics app offers several powerful features

Versatile Capture Options

Capture full-page screenshots, custom areas, or specific visible portions of web pages.

High-Quality Output

The app ensures high-quality output by preserving the original resolution of the web page.

Annotation Tools

Annotation tools that enable users to enhance their captured screenshots.

Multiple Output Formats

Supports various output formats, including PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

User-Friendly Interface

Ensuring a smooth and efficient screenshot capture experience.

Cross-Platform Availability

Available across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

Our features

Aour Approach of Design is Prety Simple and Clear

Web2Pics is a universal iOS app that allows you to take full length and visible length screenshots of web pages when you are browsing. What it can capture is an entire webpage including those invisible contents rather than only the current screen content. User can add annotation on captured content with help of annotation tool.

Cool features:

- Versatile Capture Options: Capture full-page screenshots, custom areas, or specific visible portions of web pages to precisely capture the content you need.

- High-Quality Output: Preserve the original resolution of web pages for high-quality screenshots that accurately represent web content.

- Annotation Tools: Enhance screenshots by adding text, arrows, shapes, and other elements to highlight areas, features, or provide additional context.

- Multiple Output Formats: Save screenshots in various formats, including PNG, JPEG, and PDF, for online sharing, printing, or integration into different types of documents.

- User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive and straightforward interface designed for users of all technical expertise levels.

Cross-Platform Availability: Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring compatibility with different operating systems.

Download The App

Download the Web2pics app from the App Store or Google Play Store and effortlessly capture high-quality web page screenshots. Enjoy versatile capture options, annotation tools, and seamless integration with cloud storage services to enhance your workflow and easily share your captured screenshots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I capture a full webpage using the Web2Pics app?

With Web2Pics app, easily capture entire webpages in a single click, preserving the content and layout for future reference or sharing purposes.

Can I select specific sections of a webpage to capture with the Web2Pcis app?

Yes, you can conveniently choose and capture specific sections of webpages using the intuitive selection feature of the Web2Pics app, ensuring precise and targeted captures.

What formats are supported for saving the captured webpages?

The Web2Pics app supports a variety of formats for saving captured webpages, including popular options like JPEG, PNG, and PDF, providing you with flexibility for your specific needs.

Does the Web2Pics app allow capturing webpages with dynamic content or animations?

Currently, the Web2Pics app focuses on capturing static snapshots of webpages and does not support capturing dynamic content or animations.

Can I capture webpages with embedded media, such as videos or interactive elements?

Currently, the Web2Pics app focuses on capturing the static aspects of webpages and may not include support for capturing embedded media, such as videos or interactive elements.

Is it possible to capture webpages with scrollable content using the Web2Pics app?

Capture webpages with scrollable content effortlessly using the Web2Pics app. It intelligently captures the complete length of the webpage, including content that requires scrolling, providing you with comprehensive snapshots.

Does the Web2Pics app offer any editing or annotation features for captured webpages?

With the Web2Pics app, you can edit and annotate your captured webpages, adding notes, highlights, and other visual enhancements to make your snapshots more informative and visually engaging.

What are the options for sharing or exporting captured webpages and recorded videos using the Web2Pics app?

Share your captured webpage images effortlessly using the Web2Pics app. You can choose to share them via email, messaging apps, or save them locally to your device for quick and hassle-free sharing.